Ram Rebel Rouser Ep.3 – Our Project Truck Goes Off-Roading at Night! We Compare New LED Lights versus Old Bulbs (Video)

Here is how new LED off-road lights do versus old bulbs

ram rebel rouser led mopar lights
Ram Rebel Rouser – off-roading at night

The stage-one of our Ram Rebel Rouser is complete. We added several Mopar performance parts and accessories on the truck, and we were able to do it all at a dealership. This includes new off-road steel side steps, performance air intake and exhaust systems, beadlock capable wheels, sports bar, and LED off-road lights.

You can check out Episode 2 of the series for all of the stage-one installation details.

Ram Rebel Rouser

Now, it’s time to put the new LED lights to the test. I enlist the help of Tommy and our modified Land Rover Discovery “Rescue Rig” for a night mountain trail run in full darkness. The Land Rover is equipped with basic HELLA off-road lights that we bought for around $60. The Ram is equipped with a new Mopar LED off-road light kit that retails at close to $500. Are the new and expensive lights worth the extra money? This is precisely what we wanted to find out.

The new 2019 Ram Rebel is already equipped with powerful LED headlights and fog lights. The factory headlights do a good job at lighting up the path, but the light output simply does not compare to what the top-mounted off-road lights can provide. These lights allowed us to see way ahead of the truck. If the sun put out white-color light, it would not be much different than this.

I was initially concerned that putting the light at the back of the cab would limit their usefulness, but I was wrong. The stock fog lights and headlights took care of near and medium distance light very well. The sport-bar mounted lights took care of the long distance without glare.

The basic light on the Land Rover are much less powerful. They help a little because they are mounted up high, but they do not throw light far enough ahead of the truck to be very effective.

Join the night off-road ride with us in the video below – Ram Rebel Rouser Ep.3.