Ram Trucks Sales Skyrocket – While Ford and GM Truck Sales Go Down (June Sales Report)

Ford will report their sales figures July 3

  • Ford sold an average 77,929 F-series trucks per month in Q2.
  • Ram sold 68,098 trucks in June 2019 — a 56 percent increase from June 2018.
  • General Motors reported 199,321 total truck sales in Q2 2019, averaging 66,440 sales per month.
  • Ford has yet to report their sales, as of July 2.
  • The Toyota Tundra’s sales increased slightly in June.
  • Nissan’s Titan sales fell by 35 percent from June 2018.

The data is rolling in: Who wins in June 2019?

Automakers are reporting their sales figures for June 2019, and it looks like Ram has a reason to celebrate. While the brand has been in a solid third place against its Ford and GM rivals, the balance is starting to shift. Ram sold 68,098 trucks in June alone, which is a massive 56 percent improvement over June 2018. Overall, Ram trucks are up 28 percent from this point last year.

As we know by now, Ford and General Motors each report their sales quarterly. June marks the end of the quarter, and while Ford has yet to report their sales (we will update these figures Wednesday with Ford’s numbers), there is an interesting development out of GM. The company has started breaking out sales of its light duty, heavy duty and medium duty trucks. Up until now, that information was not available to the public, and was only known by data aggregators or outlets who paid for the information.

2019 GMC Sierra 1500 Denali blue

Since General Motors reports its sales quarterly, their figures are significantly higher than Ram’s. Overall, General Motors sold 199,321 trucks in Q2 2019, averaging 66,440 per month when you combine both Chevrolet and GMC. Chevrolet sold 31,496 Silverado HDs in June 2019, while GMC sold 13,946 Sierra HDs — down 15.9 percent and 2.9 percent quarter-over-quarter, respectively. On the light duty front, Chevrolet sold 31,496 Silverado 1500s, while GMC moved 42,911 Sierra 1500s — down 6.9 percent and 4.7 percent quarter-over quarter.

The Toyota Tundra‘s sales dropped slightly in June 2019, selling 9,878 trucks. That represents a 0.8 percent fall from June 2018, when Toyota moved 9,955 Tundras. For the whole year, the Tundra is down 2.3 percent.

That is not too bad, but the picture is not as rosy for Nissan. Only 2,665 Titans found new owners last month, a whopping 35.3 percent drop from June 2018. For the year, Nissan Titan sales are down 22.6 percent.

Ram trucks saw a 56 percent upswing in sales last month.

Full-size truck sales breakdown: Month-over-Month (MoM)

Since Ford and GM report quarterly, we’re showing a monthly average* for sales by model on both the Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra. See below for more specific sales of light duty, heavy duty and medium duty trucks below. In the month-over-month and year-over-year totals, we will combine Chevrolet and GMC sales to compare against the competition.

We will update this report with Ford sales figures on Wednesday, July 3.

ModelJune 2019June 2018MoM%
Ford F-Series*77,92978,982-1.3%
Ram Trucks68,09843,542+56.4%
GM trucks* (Chevy + GMC)66,44171,645
Chevy Silverado* 47,48851,843-8.4%
GMC Sierra* 18,95319,802-4.3%
Toyota Tundra9,8789,955-0.8%
Nissan Titan2,6654,121-35.3%

Full-size truck sales breakdown: Year-over-Year (YoY)

Model2019 YTD2018 YTDYoY%
Ford F-Series448,398451,138-0.6%
Ram Trucks299,480233,539+28%
GM trucks* (Chevy + GMC)354,180391,948
Chevy Silverado* 256,777291,074-11.8%
GMC Sierra* 97,403100,874-3.4%
Toyota Tundra54,49755,792-2.3%
Nissan Titan18,02623,294-22.6%

General Motors Q2 2019 sales: By model

ModelJune 2019June 2018MoM%
Chevy Silverado 1500109,930118,077-6.9%
Chevy Silverado HD31,49637,452-15.9%
Chevy Silverado MD1,038N/AN/A
GMC Sierra 150042,91145,042-4.7%
GMC Sierra HD13,94614,364-2.9%