Ford Trademarks ‘Badlands’ and ‘Adrenaline’ for Possible New Truck Packages

Ford has protected a pair of new names that could wind up as pickup truck packages in the future.

As with any filing with the US Patent and Trademark Office, it’s always impossible to say whether or not these names will end up anywhere near production, but it’s still fun to speculate as at least we know that Ford is thinking about doing something with these badges.

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The brand has filed to protect both Badlands and Adrenaline, and at this moment we can’t even say to which vehicles they will be attached.

A solid guess can be made with Adrenaline though, as this name was used once before by Ford to denote a special edition of the Explorer Sport Trac, though it was spelled without the ‘e.’ The Adrenalin package brought sporty design elements like 20-inch alloy wheels, blacked out headlights, unique bumpers and more.

If the Adrenline was to return today, it could be for the all-new Ford Explorer, or for the new Ranger.

Badlands doesn’t have history at Ford that we can find, but just based on the name, our guess would be that the badge will be for a new F-150 off-road package.

What do you think these new names will end up being? Let us know in the comments below.

[Source: Ford Authority]