AskTFL: Would You Buy a Ram Multifunction “Barn Door” Tailgate for $995, Will Ram Classic Get This Option?

This week we have a Ram-specific question that many of you might be curious about.

Ram introduced the new multifunction “barn door” tailgate midway through 2019, a setup that splits the traditional tailgate down the middle and allows you to swing open a set of doors while still retaining the functionality of a normal tailgate.

Another question that we are wondering about is: will you get the special tailgate as a $995 option, and if yes – which trim level of the Ram 1500 would you get it with: basic Tradesman, luxurious Limited, or something in between?

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Seeing as it arrived midway through 2019, there are lots of 2019 Ram 1500s that don’t have the upgrade, not to mention all of the Ram 1500 Classic models being sold this year.

So you may see where this is going, but first, the question:

“I really like the concept of the 60/40 split tailgate. Do you know if RAM will be marketing it for the pre-2019 models (eg. Classic)? If not, do you know of anyone creating an after-market version?”

Thanks to Larry for sending in the question. We posed this exact question to Ram and got a response:

“It would require a new bed. The structure is reinforced for the additional use,” said a Ram spokesperson. “Although possible…the process would be much more than just a couple bolts and new pieces of hardware.”

In the end, any retrofitting of the Multifunction tailgate to a Ram 1500 “Classic” truck or the new 2019 Ram 1500 (DT generation) truck would require a special structure and wiring. Thus any such retrofit would be cost prohibitive.

The tailgate gets a 2,000-lb load rating from Ram, and Ram says that each door swings open to 88 degrees.

The multifunction tailgate is available now on all of the 2019 Ram 1500’s seven trim levels, coming with a price tag of $995.