Ask TFL: Ram and GM should Make 4500/5500 HD Trucks with Pickup Beds to Carry More!

Need a heavier truck to carry a bigger camper!

gmc sierra 3500 hd dually
GMC Sierra 3500 HD : Lance truck camper

Why don’t Ram and GM make 4500 or 5500 HD trucks with “regular” 8-foot pickup truck beds?

We recently got this question at from Noel Andres.

I own a 2018 Ram 3500 dually and haul my 2018 Lance 1062 truck camper. I live in Fresno CA. Why hasn’t GM and Ram make their own 4500s like fords F450 with a bed? I ask this question because of my setup is all about payload with my camper. I would buy a ram 4500 with a pickup bed and go with a larger camper, but one does not exist yet with 4500s and 5500s having greater payloads

Noel Andres
2019 Ram HD 5500 Chassis Cab

While we do not have the exact answer from Ram or GM on this matter, there are several ways to handle this.

You can always buy a Ram HD 4500 or 5500 and then buy an 8-foot dually bed separately to install yourself. You just need to make sure you are getting the correct wheelbase to match with an 8-foot bed.

You can also create your own customized setup by putting a truck camper on an aftermarket flatbed with some customized tie-down points and custom storage boxes on the side.

Overlanding is very popular these days and there are many companies that build their own customized camper shells to put on top of HD trucks. Although these fully outfitted rigs are very expensive.

Here is a look at choosing the right truck camper for your truck.

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