Toyota Land Cruiser TFLPro: From Boring & Bland to Badass & Brutal – (Episode 3 Video)

toyota land cruiser overland project old man emu lift suspension tires wheels
Our Toyota Land Cruiser TFLpro is getting a lift and tires

Our 2008 Toyota Land Cruiser TFLpro transformation continues. In the last episode, we took care of the exterior look with a detailed wrap done by the Man Cave. Now it’s time to get to the functionality. It’s time to swap the suspension, get a little lift, and put on new wheels and tires.

Toyota Land Cruiser TFLpro

We are using Old Man Emu shocks with remote reservoirs that allow for a small lift. The stock Land Cruiser just does not have quiet enough ground clearance. Toyota gives their factory TRDpro trucks and SUVs a small lift, and so will we.

Next, it times to change the wheels and tires. We are using Toyota Tundra TRDPro wheels and new all-terrain tires.

We think the end result turned out very well! Check out the video to see for yourself.