Report: Tesla ‘Blade Runner’ Pickup Truck to Start at $49,000, But When Will It Come?

tesla pickup truck concept rendering
Tesla plans to produce its own pickup, but it’s unclear when it will ultimately end up on the market.

Tesla CEO, Elon Musk, recently revealed the starting price of a future Tesla pickup truck to be “no more” than $49,000. The pickup truck is being referred to as “Blade Runner” because of it’s rumored ultra-futuristic looks and features.

The electric pickup truck competition is heating up, although no consumer-ready models are accessible for sale yet. Yes, there is the Workhorse electric pickup truck with a range extender, but it’s not available in any significant volume.

The other big player in the electric truck space is Rivian. The Rivian R1T is supposed to start at $69,000 before tax incentives. Rivian has already showed its prototypes, and the company says first customer R1T trucks will be reaching customers at the end of 2020.

So when will the Tesla pickup truck be available? Elon says the truck will make its debut in 2019, but that does not mean it will be on sale. The company is currently working to build the Model 3 sedan, and is launching the Model Y crossover in 2020. Currently, it’s not clear if there is even production capacity to even build the Tesla pickup truck within the next 2-3 years. We may have to wait many years for the ‘Blade Runner’ truck.