Why Buy The Wimpy Raptor When You Can Buy a Ford Diesel Super Duty For The Same Money? (Video)

Ford F-250 Diesel super duty Ford Raptor
Ford F-250 Diesel or a Ford Raptor?

I know that considering a utilitarian Ford F-250 over a fun Ford Raptor seems like a stretch. After spending quality time with this Ford F-250 Lariat Sport with the Ultimate package, and given the $75,000 price tag, I am positive I would choose the F-250. Why? It’s all about capability.

Driving both trucks can be a bit of a choice, especially in downtown Denver, Colorado traffic. They are both massive on the outside and the Raptor‘s width makes it very difficult to park in narrow spaces. The heft of the Ford F-250 is pronounced, and its massive mirrors need to be retracted every time it’s parked.

Still, the sheer numbers the Ford F-250 produces with the massive PowerStroke diesel are compelling. The dark, FX4-equipped F-250 can tow 15,000 lbs without breathing hard as equipped. In this configuration it can haul 2,050 lbs of payload. Those are meaty numbers, excellent for serious haulers and towers.

Next to a regular Ford F-150, the F-250 looks massive. Next to a Raptor, not as much. (Photo: TFLtruck)

The Ford Raptor is not as capable. Given its off-road setup, it is a fun toy that can tow and haul a bit. Maximum towing is 8,000 lbs and, maximum hauling is 1,200 lbs. A fully optioned Ford Raptor payload is often closer to 1,000 lbs. Both towing and hauling numbers can drop when various packages are added.

A Raptor and an older Super Duty. Still, you can see the sheer size of both and you get the idea that the Ford Raptor isn’t much smaller than a heavy duty Ford! (Photo: TFLtruck)

Considering the fact that they are both priced (as tested) at about $75,000 – the F-250 is tough to beat. And that’s part of my point. I love and lust after the ridiculously fun Ford Raptor, it wouldn’t be my practical choice. The Ford F-250 featured in this video is crazy-capable and it’s built to go off-road too.

There would be a few changes needed to this F-250. I would get different tires for it. Honestly, I think that’s about all I would change.

Enjoy the video!

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