Here Are the Top 10 Mods for Your Truck (Video)

Modifying your pickup truck can make your ride more capable, not to mention unique in a world filled with stock half-tons.

We compiled a list of what we consider to be the 10 most important modifications you can make to your truck. Plus, we are in the process of modifying our very own Ram Rebel, a series you can follow on the TFLTruck YouTube channel.

10 and 9. Wheels & Tires

BFGoodrich jeep wrangler rolling on KM3 tires | 2018 easter jeep safari

The obvious place to start is with your wheels and tires, one of the most impactful upgrades you can make, especially when it comes to off road. Considering your entire vehicle sits on just four pieces of rubber, it’s safe to say those are crucial.

8. Weight distributing hitch

weight distribution hitch towing truck memorial day
Weight distribution hitch

Next up, a weight distributing hitch is an important upgrade. It’s not flashy or helpful off-road, but if you’re towing a heavy trailer, it will make a significant difference in towing.

7. Bull Bar

Up next, we think a nice bull bar up front for grille protection not only can help push through the brush, but also is one of the most impactful visual upgrades you can make.

6. Winch

2019 ram power wagon winch
2019 Ram Power Wagon

Fitting a winch to your ride is the next upgrade we think is important, as off-road recovery gear can be a true life saver in a sticky situation.

5. Toolbox

Adding a bed-mounted toolbox is another popular upgrade that increases the utility of your truck, while also offering a lockable location on your pickup or tools or other valuables.

4 and 3. Intake & Exhuast

Mopar cold air intake system for the 2020 Jeep Gladiator.

Power upgrades are also popular, and the simplest install you can perform for the biggest return has to be an air intake and exhaust. This will give you a slight power bump, not to mention the all important throaty growl from your powerplant.

2. Forced Induction

Turbocharged Ford Engine

For serious performance upgrades, adding forced induction in the form of turbocharging or supercharging can also be a road you go down. These won’t come as cheaply as an air intake, but strapping boost to your engine can mean a serious jump in power.

  1. Lift or Lower

Finally, likely one of the most popular upgrades found on any truck is a suspension adjustment, whether it be up or down. If you lift a truck, it will help increase your clearance when off-roading, and allow you to fit bigger wheels and tires. Dropping your truck has little practical value, though it does give any vehicle a unique stance that many have come to love.

That’s our list of essentials and popular upgrades, but we want to hear from you. Weigh in the comments below and let us know what upgrades you have applied to your rig.