Oh Yes, Hummer Could Still Return, And It Could Be Electric (Poll)

Would you buy a zero-emission Hummer?

An electric Hummer?

You may think it’s a crazy idea — and you’d be right, given the brand’s history — but a zero-emission Hummer may be on the horizon. Yes, that Hummer, the same vehicle that went out of production a decade ago, as the gas guzzling monster fell out of favor when oil spiked over $100 a barrel. Now, Bloomberg reports General Motors is considering reviving the brand, in a completely different light to its existence in the 2000s.

GM is currently working on major electric vehicle projects. the first, dubbed BEV3, is mainly for passenger cars. That also includes small crossover SUVs as well as compact to mid-size cars. The other would develop full-size electric vehicles, like electric pickups and possibly the Hummer, if the current buzz turns out to be true.

“I love Hummer,” said GM President Mark Reuss. However, that sentiment doesn’t necessary mean an EV Hummer is a dead lock. “We’re looking at everything.” It sounds like a long shot, and it probably is, but the automaker is pledging to bring 20 electric models to market within the next four years.

The Hummer H2 is definitely a capable rig – just try not to pay attention to the fuel economy.

Here’s why it may happen…

There’s a certain word some people use to describe Hummer H2 and H3 owners. It’s not a particularly pleasant one, so I’ll just leave it at that. However, whatever you say about the vehicles, they do have a distinctive presence on the road. Dial out the miserable fuel economy by substituting electric motors, and some may actually want to try one out.

The U.S. market has a nearly insatiable love for giant SUVs. We know GM is currently working on an electric truck platform, so it may not be too crazy to translate a huge, all-electric SUV into the defunct brand. If nothing else, it offers a test bed to see how the public reacts to an all-electric model. Hummer enthusiasts could once again buy their beloved rigs without becoming the go-to automotive symbol for environmental decline.

…And why it may not

Then again, Hummer was an off-the-wall brand, even when it was a popular seller in the mid-2000s. Now, the brand has been gone for a decade. Bearing in mind its reputation as large, cumbersome, wasteful vehicles, GM may end up trying out the idea on Cadillac instead. Then they would have a luxury brand to stick behind a big SUV, and they can take a run at the likes of Rivian and Tesla.

Gas prices are also cheaper right now than they were in 2008. It’s likely that, if GM does plan on doing this, they may launch the model behind smaller battery electric cars. That way, the company can get the ball rolling as EVs gain market share, then bring out the big, ostentatious SUVs.

We’re more curious to see how it would look in terms of range (naturally), as well as off-road ability. If an electric Hummer does have enormous torque from those electric motors, decent range and it can hack it off-road, that would make it more appealing.

Ultimately, this is just chatter for the time being. Would you be interested in buying a fully-electric Hummer? Let us know by voting in the poll below.