Do Sun Shades REALLY Keep Your Truck Cool? We Test Them To Find Out – Real Answers S.1 Ep.1 (Video)

2019 ford f-150 sunshades real answers episode 1
Ford F-150 sunshades comparison – Real Answers Ep.1

We know that windshield sun shades work, but how well do they work? Can they actually keep the cabin of your truck significantly cooler on a hot day? We tackle this question on this first episode of TFLtruck’s “Real Answers”.

Many sun shades manufacturers make claims that their product will keep the interior of the vehicle 15F cooler and the dashboard about 40F cooler. We put these claims to the test in the real world to get “real answers”.

We are using two new 2019 Ford F-150 trucks in identical Velocity Blue exterior paint. They are both crew cabs with a panoramic sunroof option.

We park the two trucks next to each other in the sun, put the sun shades into one of them (covering the entire windshield), and let them cook for one hour.

When we come back, we see exactly how much each truck has warmed up. We check the ambient temperature and the dashboard temperatures. The result is clear.

We saw significantly lower temperatures in the truck with the windshield shades. The interior was 11F cooler, and the dashboard temperature was 26F cooler. We could not match the claims of 15F and 40F, but we came relatively close.

Check out all the hot truck fun in the video below.