Do Leather Seats Get Hotter Than Cloth? Real Answers [Video]

You want real answers? Well, we’ve got them! We were lucky enough to get two 2019 Ford F-150 pickup trucks for our Real Answers Episode 2 video. The point here was to see if leather seats actually get hotter than cloth seats. We carefully put together a series of test perimeters that forced both vehicles to begin with a similar baseline.

We parked both indoors, then in the shade before driving both to our testing location. Once there, we set up all of our equipment taking car not to leave either door open longer than the other. It was tedious.

We were able to get the trucks up to about 1 degree of each other leading up to th start of the test. (Photo: TFLtruck)

Once we could confirm that both pickup trucks had similar inside temperatures, we began to record. Finally, when we were ready to begin the test, we opened the shade on both trucks’ panoramic sun roof.

The test begun when we walked away from both vehicles for about an hour.

We used the blue Ford F-150s in this shot. The F-250 is pictured because it’s a sexy beast and we love it. You can read more about that F-250 (here). Photo: TFLtruck

I should mention that we tried to make this test as close as possible; however, we couldn’t get a black cloth interior. As such, you would be right to say that the black leather seats heated up quicker and were altogether hotter in the beginning.

Still, this test yielded some unusual and unexpected results.

Check out out video and see for yourself how different these seats might be!

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