Do I Really Need A Dually To Haul That? Talkin’ Trucks Ep.49 (Video)

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Talkin’ Trucks : Do I Need a Dually?

This “Talkin’ Trucks” episode is dedicated to a question we get very often: do I really need a dually to haul that? Mr.Truck and I get together to answer this in detail.

On this live show, we first touch on some news and then dig into the subject of “which heavy duty truck is best for me?”

One viewers quickly asked: “Can you recommend a threshold of payload or tongue weight capacity that actually requires a need for a dually?” My general suggestion is if you are hauling or need to haul more than 3,500 lbs in your truck – then you need to consider a dually one-ton 3500-series truck. Naturally, every truck has its own unique payload capacity, but this is my rule of thumb.

Most crew cab 4×4 three-quarter ton trucks have a maximum payload capacity of under 3,000 lbs. Most well-optioned crew cab 4×4 one-ton single-rear-wheel trucks have a payload of under 4,000 lbs.

If you really need to haul over 3,500 lbs with a good safety margin in reserve, this is where a dually one-ton truck starts to make sense.

There are many downsides to owning a dually truck. It is very wide and difficult to park in many situations. It is very long when you consider a crew cab with an 8-foot bed. It generally less efficient and harsher-riding when empty, if you compare to a 3/4-ton truck or some other single-rear-wheel 1-ton trucks.

However, a dually truck is a much more stable towing and hauling truck platform. This is true if you are carrying a slide-in truck camper or towing a large trailer.

Check out our live show video below for more details. The dually heavy duty truck discussion starts around 10 minutes into the video.