Top 5 Reason Trucks Are Getting So Expensive: Are They Worth It? No, You’re Wrong! Ep.8 (Video)

Pickup trucks are getting very expensive (TFLtruck)

A new heavy duty pickup truck retail price is approaching the $100,000 mark. Trucks are getting very expensive. What are some of the reasons for this? Are new trucks worth the money? Nathan and I argue these points on this episode of No, You’re Wrong!

The new Ford F-450 Limited consumer truck price is well over $90,000. A new half-ton truck prices are approaching the $80,000 mark. A new Jeep Gladiator Rubicon pricing reaches around $63,000.

One reason is all of the additional technology that is packed into new trucks. We are talking about panoramic sunroofs, massaging heated & ventilated seats, 12-inch infotainment screens, powered retractable side steps, 19-speaker stereo systems, and more.

The safety standards are becoming more stringent. Pickup trucks are relatively heavy body-on-frame vehicles. It costs a lot of development dollars to get all of the crash worthiness into the platform and include active driver assistance systems.

Fuel economy and emission standards are also getting tougher to meet. Manufacturers invest a lot of money into new powertrains systems and light-weight body construction.

Manufacturers market and advertise the trucks with all of the available optional features. Trucks continue to gain in popularity and the demand is high. All these factors contribute to ever higher pickup truck prices.

On the flip side, new pickups are getting more comfortable, more capable, safer, and more fuel efficient than ever before. The truck is truly a do anything vehicle. You can take a luxury truck to a nice dinner, park it in front of a nice hotel, but also take it to a home improvement store to load up on materials and supplies. You can tow a heavy trailer or bring a lot of gear with you. Of course, you can take your truck off-road to a remote place, or drive it on a daily commute in comfort.

All of this capability costs money, but it also offers great value and usability.

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