This Sucks – Our Jeep Comanche is Very Broken & the Budget is Blown: Cheap Jeep Challenge S2 Ep. 2 (Video)

TFL’s Jeep Comanche project

Next up in the Cheap Jeep series (season 2, episode 2), we find out exactly what’s wrong the our Jeep Comanche’s manual transmission. Is it just a couple of syncros, or does the entire transmission need to be rebuilt or replaced?

Master mechanic, Zach at Zach’s Transmission & 4×4, digs into this 5-speed manual to find the problem, but the story gets worse the further we go. The budget that we originally allocated to this project is quickly blown.

The only good news is that we learned a heck of a lot about the transmission, and we get the Jeep back together.

That’s not all. We also experience a fair bit of death wobble from the stock suspension. Next time, on Cheap Jeep Challenge we get to work on the suspension with new Falcon shocks and Teraflex suspension.

Watch episode 2 and dive deep into the Jeep truck with us.