Meet the Most Luxurious and Most Expensive Winnebago – We Take it For a Spin (Video)

The Winnebago Horizon is the brand’s most expensive Class A motorhome and we got a chance to poke around inside one, and even drive it.

Thanks to our friends at Transwest, we got inside the Horizon, which starts at $434,968. The interior design is eye catching and modern, and like all RVs, there are tons of smart design features to help save space, like footrests that pull out of the coach or cabinet doors that push out of the way. The TV in the bedroom hides away at the touch of a switch, mounted on the same panel as the controls for the adjustable bed.

Powering this luxury machine is a 450-horsepower Cummins diesel engine, paired to an Allison six-speed automatic. The Horizon weighs in dry just over 34,000 pounds, and a full set of air brakes with ABS are fitted.

An infotainment center is fit in the dash of the Horizon, using a 10.4-inch touchscreen. It includes GPS, trip recording, radio, Bluetooth, compass, rear and sideview cameras, and more.

The Horizon is offered in two slightly different lengths, either 41 feet 1 inch or 44 feet 3 inches. They are the 40A or 42Q models. In this video, Andre focuses on the unique interior of the 40A, but he chooses to drive the bigger 42Q.

There are so many more features that you need to see on the new Horizon, so make sure you watch the entire video above.