High Miles: Here is a Ram HD 2500 Cummins Diesel with Over 407,000 Miles

(photo: Stephen G.)

Here is another high miles truck. This is a Dodge Ram HD 2500 with a Cummins turbo-diesel. The second owner – Stephen G. – claims that this truck has all stock and original engine and transmission. The truck is now showing over 407,000 miles on the clock.

Here is what Stephen writes.

(photo: Stephen G.)

I never dreamed I would buy a truck with this many miles on it. I am a firemen but used to be a mechanic. When the gentleman told me how many miles were on it I nearly hung up on him. I allowed him to explain the INSANE mileage, which checked out. These are the miles you want – all highway, escorting wide load 18-wheelers. His dad bought the truck new, and passed away, so essentially I am the second owner. I went and did a check on it, the engine showed as if it has 150,000 one it. It has never been tuned or rebuild. The truck has a stock transmission.

Stephen G.

If you have a truck with a lot of miles (over 350,000 miles), then we would to share your story here at TFLtruck.com. We need several images of the truck, and the odometer reading. Please send your high miles truck story and images to ask@tftruck.com.

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