Ford Ranger April Sales Point To Healthy Growth: Check Out The Sales Trend! Can the Ranger Overtake the Tacoma?

2019 ford ranger fx4 sales prediction
2019 Ford Ranger (photo: Ford)

How is the new Ford Ranger doing in terms of sales in the United States? Is it struggling to find buyers, or is it doing good and growing? This is a great question that we now have more data to answer.

Ford has switched to quarterly sales reporting schedule, so the only official number we have from Ford is that the company sold 9,421 Ranger trucks in the United States in January through March. However, we have some additional data sources that allow use to estimate monthly sales and include the April numbers.

A recent report by the Car and Driver states that Ford sold a total of 15,169 Rangers January through April. The Car and Driver articles does not provide the source for this new data that includes April sales.

CarSalesBase shows a monthly breakdown for January, February, and March sales of the Ranger. Using this information, we can do some simple math and run a linear trend of Ford Ranger sales in the United States (see the graph below). Granted there are not enough data points to accurately predict future sales, and many factors can wildly change these trends/predictions.

This very basic linear trend formula puts the Ford Ranger sales at around 15,434 trucks in December 2019. If this can come to fruition, it will be a great result. This number would likely beat the Chevy Colorado sales figures, but it likely would not beat the Toyota Tacoma. The Tacoma midsize truck is currently averaging near 20,000 truck sales per month, and it shows no sign of slowing down.

Launching a new truck or car is not an easy task. We will be watching closely how the new Ford Ranger and Jeep Gladiator do in terms of sales. The new Gladiator will have its first sales month in May 2019. We will need to wait at least three months to run a trend on its sales.

Here is a detailed video comparison review of the latest midsize trucks.