Boring to Badass: Can We Build the Coolest Off-Road Jeep Truck? Cheap Jeep Challenge S2 Ep. 3 (Video)

cheap jeep truck challenge season episode comanche lift tires
Cheap Jeep Truck Challenge: S2 Episode 3

Now that we took care of the manual transmission problems, it’s time to transform our Jeep Comanche truck from regular and boring to badass. This is precisely what we did in Episode 3 of the Cheap Jeep Truck challenge.

We got a suspension lift and upgraded shocks from our friends at Teraflex and Falcon Shocks. We also got 33-inch tall BFGoodrich KM3 tires. The question is: can we fit these larger tires on the truck without rubbing issues, and can we get the suspension, tires, and a new exhaust on the truck in time to take it to Moab, UT for the 2019 Easter Jeep Safari? Oh yea, we also need to eliminate the “death wobble”.

Of course, the biggest question is – will this become the coolest Jeep truck out there?

Our friendly mechanic, Devon’s Car Care, worked overtime to get the project done and make sure the Jeep is safe and drivable from Denver to Moab.

Well, see it for yourself! We are biased, but we think it is indeed the coolest and very unique Jeep truck.

On the next episode of the Cheap Jeep Truck challenge, we take it off-road in Moab, UT and compare it against the 2020 Jeep Gladiator.