AskTFL: A Jeep Wrangler or a Half-Ton Pickup? Help This Guy Decide

For the first time ever, Nissan is offering a factory-authorized suspension lift kit for select models of the TITAN and TITAN XD full-size pickups.

Another day, another truck buying dilemma, and this one is all about ride height. 

Thanks to TFLTruck reader Jose for sending in the question, which is a pretty simple one this week: Should I get myself a Jeep Wrangler Rubicon or a full-sized pickup truck?

It’s an odd question, but there are some stipulations though. First, Jose says that the truck or Jeep will spend most of its time on the pavement, and a little time off-road.

The biggest reason Jose is considering a truck or a Jeep is the size. “They are big (interior and exterior), comfortable with tons of room and my main reason is that a driver sits pretty darn high. Actually the last one is pretty much why I like them better than regular SUVs or crossovers. I am not too fussed about fuel economy. I will tow maybe once or twice in a year (so the bed or towing package is not a deal clincher),” he wrote.

2018 jeep wrangler rubicon
2018 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon

“But the ride quality, roomy interiors, luxury and utility on the inside is what I desire. All this and that awesome ride height.”

Before we tackle ride height, let’s talk about daily driving a Jeep versus a pickup truck. The new Wrangler JL is the most civilized on-road driving experience a Wrangler has ever offered, and still, daily driving a Jeep is a little more tedious than a half-ton pickup these days. The trucks will be a little easier to drive, with comparable ride quality. In the off-road department though, it’s hard to beat a Wrangler Rubicon, even with some of the best off-road packages in trucks today.

And if ride height is a big concern, going for one of the trucks that come lifted from the factory might be a smart idea, as they will also help off-road.

The Chevy Silverado Trail Boss or GMC Sierra AT4, which come with a two-inch lift as standard equipment could work. The Ram Rebel comes with a one-inch lift from the factory, while the Ford Raptor is another choice for sitting up tall in an off-road truck.

The Nissan Titan and Titan XD can be had with a three-inch lift from Icon Vehicle Dynamics, which is authorized by the brand so it comes with a warranty.

All of these will help you sit above traffic and provide some capability when you leave the pavement.

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