Ask TFL: Another 1 Million Mile Toyota Tundra & Is It The Only Half-Ton With Four Doors and 8-Foot Bed?

Toyota Tundra double-cab with 8.1-ft long bed

There is a second documented Toyota Tundra that crossed 1-million miles recently. It comes to us courtesy of Tim Esterdahl who also found the first documented million mile Tundra. This latest Toyota truck that is shown to cross the million miles mark is a 2007 Tundra double-cab (extended cab) with a long bed. Under the hood is a 4.7L V8 engine. The owner reports that the engine is mostly original without any major issues, and the automatic transmission was rebuilt once.

This is another huge milestone for any truck, but it also brings up another question. Is the current 2019 Toyota Tundra currently the only half-ton (light duty) truck to offer an extended cab, four doors, and an 8-foot long bed?

Here is a comment we received recently.

There has to be be many recreational users like me who want that capability (a half-ton truck with four doors and a long bed) and don’t want to drive a more cumbersome and harsh riding heavy duty truck that the other OEMs offer. I have a side-by-side that will only fit in an eight foot bed and half ton payloads are fine for it.


No, the Toyota Tundra is not currently the only one offering an extended cab configuration with four doors and an 8.1-ft bed. The 2019 Ford F-150 also offers and extended cab with an 8-ft bed. The F-150 has rear clam-shell style doors, and the Tundra has four forward opening doors.

You have two options to look at here.

Other manufacturers (GM, Nissan, and Ram), other two-door (regular cab) pickup truck with a long bed.

All this being said, the newest 3/4-ton heavy duty trucks have better ride and handling than ever before. They not be as smooth as a half-ton, but they are getting awfully close. We recently drove a 2019 Ram 2500 HD with air suspension, and it was remarkably smooth riding.

The pros of a heavy duty truck are higher payloads and heaviest construction that should last longer. The cons are a higher price and a higher ride height. The latest 4×4 heavy duty trucks are getting tall and it may make loading a side-by-side in the back more challenging.

Here is the first documented million-mile Tundra.