2019 Ram Power Wagon: You Will Be Surprised How Much Quicker and More Efficient It Is Than the Previous Generation (Video)

(photo: TFLtruck.com)

The 2019 Ram Power Wagon is significantly updated, and we have an opportunity to put the new truck to the test and see how it compares against the previous 2018 Power Wagon. The results were surprisingly good.

2019 Ram Power Wagon

2019 Ram HD Tradesman Power Wagon new hemi v8 etorque hybrid
2019 Ram 2500 Tradesman with a Power Wagon package

First, let’s identify the changes. Like all new Ram heavy duty trucks, the 2019 Power Wagon is riding on an updated frame. Ram says the new frame is stiffer and lighter than before thanks to an extensive use of high-strength steel.

The new Power Wagon has a slightly higher front ride height. All 2019 HDs are a little taller in the front because of how the larger radiator assembly is now mounted. The wider radiator, the front bumper, and the frame had to fit just so. The result is a ride height that is about 0.25-inch higher. It’s important because it gives the Power Wagon a better suspension articulation and Ramp Travel Index (RTI) score.

The new truck is also more aerodynamic thanks to a redesigned front chin spoiler and the grille with active shutters.

2019 Ram 2500 Tradesman Power Wagon package

Perhaps, the most significant mechanical change is the introduction of the new 8-speed ZF automatic transmission. This transmission offers a wider gear ratio spread for slower crawling, better launch, and supposedly more efficient highway cruising.

The engine is still the same 6.4-liter HEMI V8 with 410 hp and 429 lb-ft of torque. Ram says they can utilize the Multi-Displacement-System (cylinder deactivation) more often in the new HD truck thanks to anti-vibration modules on the frame and better noise-cancelation on the interior.

We put it to the test, as you can watch in the video below. We performed two standard tests: our 100-mile highway MPG loop and a 0-60 MPH performance test.

The new 2019 Power Wagon surprised with a 16.4 MPG highway fuel efficiency result. This is a huge improvement from 12.3 MPG that we got with a 2017 Power Wagon two years ago. This is a 25% improvement on our test.

We also saw a big improvement in the 0-60 MPH times. The old 2017 Power Wagon clocked in a 9.75 sec 0-60 MPH run (at a mile above sea level). The new 2019 truck measured at 8.12 seconds. This is a 16% improvement.

This is a bigger improvement than we expected.