Watch the Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra Being Assembled in Ft.Wayne

General Motors’ assembly plant located in Ft.Wayne, Indiana builds a lot of trucks, and we had the chance to go inside and watch the process first hand.

Nearly 1500 trucks will roll off the line every single day at Ft.Wayne assembly, each slightly different than the rest. The line here at Ft.Wayne is flexible enough to build GMC Sierras and Chevy Silverados built side-by-side, despite using different parts.

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In fact, in order to keep the line moving along smoothly, the best way to build trucks is to put high-content luxury trucks right next to low-content basic trucks.

Ft.Wayne employs over 4000 people every single day, while also using a total of 2,276 robots. There are 40 miles of conveyors at the plant while a total of 97 truck docks receive all the materials necessary to build these trucks.

So watch the video above to see a number of the steps involved in putting together Silverados and Sierras.