PlanB Supply Ricochet 4×4: Buy Your Own Street-legal Custom Military Truck – It’s a Humvee on Steroids (News)

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Plan B Supply Ricochet (photo:

Plan B Supply announces a plan for a limited production run of a fully customized 4×4 street-legal armored vehicle they call the Ricochet. The company will produce 20 Ricochet vehicles this year, starting on July 4th, 2019. The starting price for one of these monsters is $278,000.

All images here are provided by PlanB Supply.

Ricochet 4×4

What is this truck all about? If a standard Humvee is simply too small, too uncomfortable, or not capable enough – this is the idea behind the Ricochet.

PlanB Supply has been refurbishing and modifying military surplus vehicles for civilian use for over a decade. This primarily includes the Humvees and large 6×6 “deuce and a half” trucks. The Ricochet takes what the standard Humvee is and turns the dials up to 11.

The Ricochet borrows the frame, chassis, and suspension designs from the Humvee and the Hummer H1 Alpha vehicles. The roll cage and body are unique to the Ricochet. The four-corner independent suspension has been modified to offer at least 20-inches of ground clearance.

The base models of the Ricochet will use a GM Duramax turbo-diesel V8 engine and an Allison automatic transmission. However, the engine and transmission choice is up to the customer. The company says that the Duramax-powered vehicle will have a top speed or around 100 MPH. Plan B Supply is taking orders now.

There are three “modes” of the Ricochet. PlanB Supply calls these vehicle modes: relax, defend, and engage. In case you are wondering, the roof gun turret is not legal for street use.


The relax mode is simply a very capable 4×4 vehicle that cab be configured to seat four or up to six people. The truck includes features like customized interior, full 360-degree LED lighting system, front winch, and more.


The defend mode offers all body panels and suicide-style opening rear doors. Reverse camera, towing-style mirrors, black-out light package, and other options are available.


Engage mode offers “level 7” armored body and glass package. A fully functional gun turret is optional, once again – the turret is not for street use.

If you are looking for other armored vehicle solutions, INKAS has several vehicle options as well.

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We visited PlanB Supply in 2016 and got a first-hand experience with the Humvees and big 6×6 military trucks that they refurbish and modify. Below are just two of our videos from the trip.