New Ram Rebel vs New Power Wagon: We Put Them Through a Battery Of Tests To Find Which One Is Best!

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You have to watch and see how quick the new 2019 Power Wagon is.

Which truck is best for you? Is it a new 2019 Ram Rebel or a 2019 Ram Power Wagon? These two truck have about the same price, but they offer different capability. This is a tough decision, but we are making it easier for you.

Here is your guide to decide which truck is best for you based on every measurement: off-road specs, cabin comfort, fuel economy, acceleration, features, and price. Yep, we ran 0-60 MPH tests with these two trucks and put them side by side in a drag race with surprising results.

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The new 2019 Rebel has a 5.7L HEMI V8 under the hood with an 8-speed. The 2019 Power Wagon has a 6.4L HEMI V8 and an 8-speed. These two trucks are closer on acceleration than you might think.

First, let’s compare the specifications, and then take a look at the real-world test data that we got for fuel economy and acceleration.

Power WagonRebel (Crew)
Wheelbase:149.3 in144.6 in
Ground Clearance:14.2 in (max)10.2 (max)
Approach Angle:29.4 deg19 deg
Breakover Angle:22 deg19.5 deg
Departure Angle:26 deg24.9 deg
Turning circle:48.2 ft46.2 ft
Towing Max:10,620 lbs11,190 lbs
Payload Max:1,660 lbs1,720 lbs

Strangely, the Rebel crew cab has higher payload and towing ratings than the Power Wagon. Since the Rebel crew has a shorter wheel base, it’s a little more maneuverable. However, the Power Wagon has superior maximum ground clearance and approach/breakover/departure angles.

Now, for the really surprising real-world numbers!

Power WagonRebel (Crew)
Highway MPG (empty):16.5 MPG17.8 MPG
0-60 MPH (mile above sea level):8.12 sec7.53 sec

The 2019 Power Wagon with the 8-speed automatic transmission showed a much improved highway MPG result. 16.5 MPG is very good for a tall heavy duty truck with off-road tires. The Power Wagon also surprises with a fast acceleration. Still, the Ram 1500 Rebel is better on both fuel economy and acceleration.

Check out the video for all the details.