Here is a V8-Powered Ford Raptor by PaxPower With an Updated Look: What Do You Think?

V8-Powered Raptor by PaxPower (photo: PaxPower)

The PaxPower V8-powered Ford Raptor is keeping up with current designs, updating its front end styling to incorporate the 2018 F-150 grille and headlight update.

The Texas-based company takes standard F-150s built with the 5.0-liter V8, from basic XL models up to the luxurious Limited, then strips and replaces the body and suspension components with those from a Raptor.

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The updated 2018 styling has just been added to the order book, but buyers can still choose to get the 2017 look if they prefer.

Pricing is a sticking point for PaxPower, with the company saying that if you buy a V8-equipped F-150 for $40,000, then pay PaxPower $24,950 for the conversion, you can be out the door for $69,000 for a V8-powered Raptor.

And if you have money to burn, you can also get either a 3.3-liter diesel under the hood of your PaxPower truck, or if you want some real horsepower, why not get them to tack a supercharger onto your 5.0-liter. For $12,450, you’ll leave with a 758-horsepower Raptor.

Let us know what you think about the Raptor’s new style in the comments below.