Ford Recalls Newer F-150 and Super Duty Models Again Over Block Heater


Ford has issued a new recall for certain 2015-2019 F-150 pickups along with 2017-2019 Super Duty trucks fit with block heaters.

In the affected vehicles, the block heater cable splice connector may have become damaged during an inspection that was instigated by the initial recall. This can cause an inoperative block heater and/or overheated wires that can melt, increasing the risk of a fire when the vehicle is plugged in.

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Ford says that the fire risk is only present when the vehicle is plugged in and customers have been advised not to used their block heater until the recall has been performed.

Affected by this recall at 327,000 trucks in North America with 131,068 being in the US and 196,269 in Canada.

Ford says it is aware of one fire in the United States and one in Canada, both of which occurred after the initial recall had been administered.

To fix the issue, dealers will initially disable the block heater cable. Customers will eventually be notified when a replacement cable becomes available.