Ford Ranger Sells 9,421 Trucks In the First Three Months – Here is How It Compares (Sales Report)

2019 ford ranger sales march
2019 Ford Ranger

Ford recently switch to a quarterly sales report schedule (from the monthly reporting before). Since the new 2019 Ford Ranger went on sale in the United States, we have not received official sales numbers on the newest midsize truck. That is until today.

Ford is reporting sales for the first three months of 2019 (Q1), and the Ford Ranger sold 9,421 trucks. This is an average of 3,140 trucks per month. Here is how it compares to the competition.

  • Toyota Tacoma: 58,183 trucks
  • Chevy Colorado: 33,494 trucks
  • Nissan Frontier: 20,221 trucks
  • Ford Ranger: 9,421 trucks
  • GMC Canyon: 6,954 trucks
  • Honda Ridgeline: 6,952 trucks

The Ranger quickly jumps into fourth sales position among all of the midsize trucks that are currently on sale in the U.S. The 2020 Jeep Gladiator will official begin delivering in May 2019, so it’s not on the list yet.

Will the Ford Ranger be able to challenge Chevy and Toyota for second place or first place supremacy? Personally, I think that Ford has the ability to do this, but it will take time. Both Toyota Tacoma and Chevy Colorado are growing their sales at 12.6% and 16.1% respectively. It may take the Ford Ranger at least a year go get into the groove and combat for sales leadership.

There is another looming question. Can the midsize truck market sustain so many new entries coming in this year and beyond? The Jeep Gladiator will start selling in volume next month. We are expecting a redesigned Nissan Frontier within the year. Ram may introduce its midsize truck within the next 2-3 year.

There are also other up-start companies such Rivian that aim to sell midsize trucks as well (Rivian R1T electric pickup).