Ask TFL: Ram Power Wagon Does Not Have Enough Towing, What Other Good HD Off-Road Trucks Are Out There?

2019 ram power wagon
2019 Ram Power Wagon Crew Cab

What other good heavy duty off-road trucks are out there that have more payload and towing capability than a Ram Power Wagon?

We recently got this question from Mike.

I live in Idaho, and I hunt and fish and go off-roading a lot. Due to family obligations I need to get a bigger truck. (Trailer, wife, kid, dogs etc, camping gear) I truly can’t figure out what’s the best HD diesel truck that has the best off-road capabilities. I would love a power wagon but the payload and towing isn’t enough. We are planning on upgrading our current trailer to a tow hauler.

Although, the redesigned 2019 Power Wagon gets increased payload (1,660 lbs) and towing (10,620 lbs) ratings – it’s still not enough to tow a large toy-hauler trailer to your next destination.

The reason why the Power Wagon is limited on payload and towing is because of its suspension setup. It’s truck that is focused on off-roading with great wheel articulation, clearance, and maximum traction.

Ford, GM, and Ram offer other off-road packages on their HD trucks that can satisfy all of your requirements. A diesel-powered HD truck is usually not the best choice for off-roading because of its heavy weight. The lighter the truck, the better it will do off the beaten path – especially on loose surfaces.

GMC Sierra HD offers an off-road package that we recently tested.

Ford Super Duty offers the FX4 package that provides additional off-road capability without an aggressive tire. The Ram HD Off-Road package is a similar story.

Here is our first off-road drive in the Ford F-250 FX4.

Here is our most recent and most comprehensive test of the new 2019 Ram Power Wagon (and how it compares to the new Ram Rebel).