First Ever Ford F-150 Prototype Truck With Independent Rear Suspension Caught On the Streets: Oh Yea, It’s Also Electric (Spied)

2021 ford f150 ev electric pickup truck dearborn suspension
2021 Ford F-150 Electric with Independent Rear Suspension

New spy photos of an electric Ford F-150 prototype are offering more hints as to what we can expect from the blue oval’s half-ton pickup coming soon.

Yes, we can see an exhaust pipe on this prototype. More on this below.

Though was have seen this prototype before, this new set of photos offers a clear look at something unheard of on a pickup truck: independent rear suspension (IRS). This rumor has been circling around the F-150 for a little while now and these photos seem to confirm at least that Ford is testing an IRS setup.

Rumor has it that the IRS will only be offered on some models, and it seems like a safe assumption to say that the electric version will be one of them.

The truck in the photos appears to be riding higher than a stock F-150 to accommodate the batteries which are packed in underneath the truck. There’s no telling if the truck will keep these proportions once production hits. The charge port can also be seen in the front bumper, but this is probably a temporary location.

You can also see a tailpipe in these photos, something that out spy photographer claims is just a decoy to throw off people in his profession. The proof that this is true is a very short video clip in which you can hear the F-150’s electric motors powering it by.

With electric pickup trucks being promised in the near future by Rivian and Tesla, Ford has some real competition to contend with.

Why is having an independent rear suspension such a big deal for a pickup truck? Traditionally, IRS means a vehicle can get a better on-road ride and handling. It also means it may lose some of its payload and towing ability.

The big Ford Expedition SUV has been using an IRS setup for nearly 15 years. There is no reason why some F-150 trucks cannot use a similar setup.

But are electric trucks the future? Watch the video below to see our discussion on the topic.