(Ask TFL) What Used HD Truck Is Best to Buy for a Hot Shot Business to Pull 30,000 Lbs?

Heavy Hot Shot Haulin!

What used heavy duty truck is best for a “hot shot” commercial hauling business? How about a truck in 2010-2012 range that can tow over 30,000 lbs? This is a tough and very involved question. Take a look and provide your feedback below.

I’m thinking about a career in Hot Shot Driving. I’m having issues with getting started with my credit, this is why (unfortunately) I have to start with a used truck. I am thinking something in the 2010-2012 range. I am looking for advice with (class A) 30k+ lbs hauling… preferably Ram, GMC, or Chevy…


Starting a new business is never an easy proposition, but becoming a “hot shot” driver can have its rewards. “Hot shot” trucker job generally means that the cargo or load needs to be delivered on a tight or expedited schedule. Although, the term also refers to a flat-bed truck and trailer that is pulled by a heavy duty pickup or a medium duty truck. This job often involves carrying odd cargo or different sizes and weights.

We are not going to discuss the following topics in this post: commercial driver’s license, government regulations, and taxes. We can tackle these another time.

It’s understandable the a starting budget may not allow a purchase of a brand new truck. As such, a used truck must do. Finding a good used truck is not easy, but we suggest looking for a sale by owner. Perhaps a truck that was used for recreation, pulling a camping trailer or a boat.

Next is the question of towing capability. You require an ability to tow over 30,000 lbs. This maximum rating was unheard of in a Class 3 (3500 truck) just a few years ago, especially in 2010. Truck’s towing capability has increased over the years in a big way.

Perhaps, a truck like a used Ram 4500/5500 HD chassis cab is something you should look into. This truck will have a much higher payload rating than a 3500 dually. It will also have a relatively high towing rating. Yet, it does not have the increased maintenance costs of a medium duty truck such as a Chevy Kodiak 6500 or an International M2 chassis.

When purchasing a truck for business, you need to remember the cost of buying new tires, performing regular maintenance, replacing brakes, and much more.

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