Should You Buy a New Ford Raptor? Dude I Love (or Hate) My New Ride – Ep.2

We continue our look at the new truck buying experience this week with a Ford Raptor owner, who has a long story to tell.

Raptor owner Brad drove his Raptor into the TFL offices in Boulder, CO to share his experience, and sadly, it hasn’t been an easy go.

Brad has been in and out of dealership, and initially, he experienced issues with the engine cutting out sporadically. His Raptor ended up being the shop for seven weeks before he got it back.

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Still, Brad is certainly a fan of the truck, which when working properly has served him well. And it is certainly hard to argue with the 450-horsepower Raptor and just how formidable it is when you get it off-road.

To get Brad’s full story, you’ll have to watch the full video above to hear him tell it himself.