Ford F-150 Mustang Look-alike Truck Bed Topper: Cool or Not?

Ford F-150 (photo: MVS)

AeroX by MVS is a truck bed topper solution for Ford F-150 trucks. It offers a Ford Mustang fastback style. It’s lockable, has a strut-assisted hatch, interior lights, and a third brake light on the back. It’s available for 5.5 and 6.5-foot F-150 bed options, which means it will fit the Ford Raptor and a majority of extended cab or crew cab F-150s. What do you think: is it cool?

(photo: MVS)

Truck bed toppers or truck caps have been around for decades as a way to protect and secure cargo. Some offer a shelter for people on the next camping trip. The MVS AeroX topper is a way to secure your cargo with a very specific style. Prices reportedly start at $3,995, and the AeroX mounts to the bed the same way any truck cap or bed topper would.

If you are looking for other bed topper solutions, here is a soft folding top from Bestop.