These Spy Photos Reveal What Could Be the Next 2021 Ford Ranger

The current-generation Ford Ranger may soon get a major overhaul.

[Photos: WhichCar Network]

While the 2019 Ford Ranger only just returned to the United States, it’s important to remember that the truck’s been in production overseas for awhile now. More specifically, the T6 Ford Ranger has been in global markets since 2011 — when the American model went out of production. It’s pretty long in the tooth by now, which is what makes these images all the more interesting.

Wheels Australia published two photos to its Instagram page, both supposedly of the “next-gen” 2021 Ford Ranger. Although, since the almost completely black windows suggest this could be a model of the new truck, rather than a rolling prototype. Of course, no one at Ford is going to actually admit whether this is the new Ranger. These photos were reportedly snapped in Melbourne, however, and the current global Ranger was designed by Ford of Australia.

Current-generation Ford Ranger. [Photo: Ford]

From the F-150 style grille and the shape of the bed and taillights, this is unmistakably a Ford. Since we expect a new global model to emerge soon, it’s also likely it will ride on a new platform. In fact, it’s likely this truck will use a platform that also underpins the new Bronco. Volkswagen partnering up with Ford also means this truck could be, in essence, the new VW Amarok.

We could ultimately see a completely different truck out of Ford in the coming years too. The company’s probably not too keen to immediately replace our new Ranger, either. So even if this is the new model, it may be years before we see it here in the U.S.

What do you think? Are you happy with this design for a new Ranger? Stay tuned to for more updates!