Is this a 2020 Ram 1500 Prototype with a Multi-function Tailgate? (Spied)

2020 Ram 1500 prototype? (Anthony J.)

The new 2019 Ram 1500 trucks have been on sale for nearly a year, but there are still prototype trucks like this driving around in public. (Thanks to Anthony J. for sending in this image.)

The bed and tailgate of this prototype are covered. Could it be hiding a new tailgate design? Several different prototypes have been seen with various “split” or “barn door” tailgate designs dating back to November 2017.

There are also patent drawings that describe the “barn door” style tailgate that can also open down in a conventional way.

The most recent information suggests that Ram may show something like this at the Chicago Auto Show, but Ram has not made any official announcements about this yet. The only official note we have is a tweet from RamTrucks that responds to a tailgate challenge by GMC that says “check back with us on 2/7/19.”

GMC trucks have a multi-function tailgate that can be used in six different positions/functions. This tailgate was first introduced on the new 2019 Sierra 1500 trucks, and has also been announced for the 2020 Sierra HD trucks.

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