Orders Suspended: No New 2019 Ram Rebel V8 eTorque Orders… For Now (News)

2019 ram 1500 rebel v8 etorque stop orders
2019 Ram Rebel (photo: TFLtruck)

You currently cannot order new 2019 Ram Rebel or 2019 Ram 1500 Off-Road package trucks with the HEMI V8 and the eTorque mild-hybrid system. Why is this going on? Here are all of the details.

We initially heard from a potential Ram Rebel customer in California last week who could not order a new Ram 1500 Rebel with a V8 eTorque system from his local dealership.

We reached out to FCA / Ram Trucks, and received the following information. There is currently a hold on new orders of new Ram 1500 trucks with Rebel or Off-Road trim levels and the 5.7L V8 and eTorque. It means Ram is currently not building any trucks with these configurations. Although, Ram 1500 trucks with the V6 eTorque and the V8 are still in production.

There are two possible reasons for this, according to FCA.

  • The truck production decision has to do with truck allocation and product mix. Ram is trying to produce enough trucks in each configuration and engine option to satisfy the demand.
  • It also has to do with the optional equipment on the Rebel and Ram 1500 Off-Road trucks. If the total weight of the truck’s optional equipment is over a certain value, then the V8 eTorque powertrain is not available in those cases.

This is all the official detail we have at this time.

The power rating on the latest 2019 Ram 1500 5.7L HEMI V8 is 395 hp and 410 lb-ft of torque no matter if you add the eTorque electric motor to it or not. The 8-speed automatic transmission does the shifting.

If you add the eTorque electric motor and the small 0.4 kWh lithium-ion battery pack, you get well-integrated automatic engine start/stop, 130 lb-ft of additional torque that help to get going from a stand-still, and 2 MPG higher combined EPA fuel economy rating (according to Ram and the EPA).

When asked about the current dealer inventory of V8 eTorque trucks, FCA did not provide specific numbers. You can still search the dealership inventory online to find the truck you are looking for.

How much real-world capability does the new HEMI V8 with eTorque offer? Here is our own long-term 2019 Ram Rebel V8 eTorque towing comparison on the Ike Gauntlet – world’s toughest towing test.

The 2019 Ram Rebel V8 eTorque truck we bought has nearly every option (other than the 12-inch infotainment system). It is still rated at 11,110 lbs of maximum towing and around 1,500 lbs of maximum payload.