Report: Ford Ranger Raptor May be Coming to the United States in 2022

New report from Road & Track suggests that Ford is already working on the next generation Ford Ranger (including a Ranger Raptor variant), according to Twitter accounts of engineers involved with the project.

TFL Fantasy Truck League: Ford Ranger Raptor
Ford Ranger Raptor (non U.S. spec)

The report does not include actual Twitter statements from the Ford engineers, but it states that the next generation of the platform is referred to as an internal code: P703.

When reached for comment, Ford answered with “ we don’t comment on speculation about future products”, and that there is no announcement about a future Ford Ranger. This is standard practice with every automaker, as they do not want to release future information that could be useful to competitors.

Naturally, Ford is focused on launching a standard 2019 Ford Ranger. When the company launched the full 2015 F-150 lineup, it took two years to bring the 2017 Ford Raptor to market. This report pegs the Ranger Raptor to arrive in 2022, and it makes logical sense. Before we get to 2022, Ford is also planning to introduce an updated 2020 Super Duty, 2020 F-150 Hybrid, Ford Bronco, and a rumored and unofficial Bronco Raptor among other vehicles.

When we first heard the news that the current turbo-diesel Ford Ranger Raptor is not coming to the United States, we thought a midsize Raptor truck may come 2-3 years from now. It would allow the company time to develop a new U.S.-spec model, and let the standard Ford Ranger lineup properly launch across the country and gain market share.

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