Stay Tuned: GM Is Getting Serious About an Electric Pickup Truck According to the CEO

Will GM produce an all-electric pickup truck to rival Ford, Tesla, and others? The latest answer is “stay tuned”.

2022 chevy silverado zh2 concept
Chevy Silverado ZH2 concept

GM CEO, Marry Barra, recently made the following statement about the company’s electrified future. When asked about an accelerated schedule to bring an electric pickup truck to market, Barra said: “We believe in an all EV future. We’ve invested heavily in fuel cells as well but beyond that I don’t have anything specific to say.

An “all EV” future surely includes pickup trucks, and it makes a lot of sense that Marry brought up the hydrogen fuel-cell electric technology. GM has been working on fuel cell for a long time, and recently unveiled renderings of a Chevy Silverado ZH2 electric pickup truck for the military (see video below).

When will we see an electric pickup truck from GM, we still have no guidance on this. It’s the same case with Ford. Ford said they plan to produce an all-electric F-series truck, but did not specify the timeframe.

One thing is for sure, electric pickup truck will be part of our future. These trucks will not be for everybody, but it will be an option. Hydrogen fuel-cell technology is attractive because it provides quick refuel capability, but there is very limited hydrogen refuel infrastructure.