Update: Changing the 2019 Ford Ranger’s Oil Requires a Wheel to Come Off

Changing the oil on the new 2019 Ford Ranger isn’t going to be as simple a process as it is on many vehicles.

According to a report by Truth About Cars, access to the oil filter, the front driver-side wheel must be removed, a step that isn’t unheard of in oil changes but it certainly is annoying. A larger oil cooler needed for the 2.3-liter EcoBoost engine forced this move, leaving no room for the filter down low next to the oil pan.

(Update) Ford says “[We] can confirm/clarify that the wheel does not need to be removed to change the oil or the oil filter in the 2019 Ford Ranger.

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Once the wheel is off, a series of nine push-pin retainers must be removed to get behind an access panel and to the filter. The filter can then be removed with an end cap tool.

Draining the oil itself is done underneath the truck of course, and it requires a bit of work, with four bolts needing to come off to take away the power steering control module underbody shield.

So while these steps are certainly not unheard of in the world of vehicles, this is the only midsize pickup that will require a jack every time you change the oil. It’s not a bad idea to rotate the tires every time the oil is changed anyways, so look at it as a benefit.

We just ran the Ford Ranger up the Ike Gauntlet, so you can see how this little midsize truck tows below.