What Are the Best-Selling Vans of 2018? #VanLife

What are the best-selling vans of 2018? Ford has dominated the commercial van market in the United States over the years. Let’s take a look at all the sales numbers and see how it shakes out.

2019 Ford Transit 350 XLT HR LWB EL Passenger Van in Ingot Silver

Ford remain on top as the best-selling van with the Transit and E-Series full-size vans. Together, there were a total of 185,730 full-size Ford vans sold in 2018. You might be saying – “Wait a minute, wasn’t the E-Series vans discontinued?” Ford is still selling E-Series chassis cabs and cutaways for RV, shuttle, or other upfits.

GM had mixed results between the Express and the Savana vans, but they still sold 100,923 full-size vans and remain in second place. We do not know when or if GM will be updating, redesigning, or replacing their full-size vans.

Ram ProMaster grew sales by 15.0% year-over-year, and sits in third place. While, there is a major redesign of the Mercedes Sprinter van, the 2019 model is still ramping up production. The Sprinter was about even for the year, but it is the van to watch out for in 2019. Amazon put in a big order for Sprinter delivery vans, and it will still be the only full-size van that offers 4×4 (AWD) from the factory – at least in the foreseeable future.

DEC 18 #MoM 18/17 %YTD 18 #YTD 18/17 %
Ford Transit11,348-8.3%137,7948.2%
Chevy Express7,514*47.0%81,23917.5%
Ford E-Series3,149-19.5%47,936-10.1%
Ram ProMaster5,85775.0%46,60015.0%
Mercedes-Benz Sprinter3,1382.4%27,5640.5%
GMC Savana968*-47.3%19,684-33.7%
Nissan NV2,01322.9%16,902-5.4%

(*) – Chevy & GMC values are average over a quester, as GM reports their sales on a quarterly basis.

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