Year Wrap-Up: What is the Best-Selling Full-size SUV of 2018?

2019 chevy tahoe suburban big v8 engine option 6.2L

Pickup truck sales were up in 2018 over the previous year, but what about full-size truck-based SUVs? Here are the best-selling SUVs.

GM’s large SUVs were once again dominant with both the Chevy Tahoe and Suburban seeing a nice boost in sales year-over-year, although the GMC Yukon took a bit of a hit.

It’s a bit mind bending to think that GM sold 247,570 full-size SUVs last year, and this figure does not include the Cadillac Escalade. Once you add the Escalade and the Escalade ESV – the 2018 total number jumps to 282,442 people and stuff haulers.

The Ford Expedition also saw a nice jump in sales in 2018. It improved by 5.4% with the introduction of the new generation SUV. Naturally, we also need to look at the new Lincoln Navigator. The new Navigator took a leap forward by 69.5% to a total sales number of 17,839. It means that the Expedition and Navigator together combined for 72,500 SUVs in 2018.

The other large SUVs didn’t fare as well. The Nissan Armada, Toyota Sequoia and the Dodge Durango all took a sales hit last year.

Full-size SUV sales – 2018

2018 Total #Change 2018/2017 %
Chevrolet Tahoe104,1535.2%
GMC Yukon & XL80,784-4.1%
Dodge Durango65,947-4%
Chevrolet Suburban60,6337.3%
Ford Expedition54,6615.4%
Nissan Armada32,650-8.5%
Toyota Sequoia11,121-8.5%

Join some big SUV fun with a drag race comparison video below.