2020 Toyota Tundra Prototype Spied: What’s Going On With the Rear Suspension? (UPDATED)

New images of a Toyota Tundra prototype (caught in public near a Toyota Michigan facility) have recently surfaced. The test truck has a covered front end, what appears to be the current crew cab structure, a covered bed, and a special covering around the rear axle of the truck. Is this a redesigned 2020 Toyota Tundra? We do not know for sure if the updated Tundra will be a 2020 model, but it’s still possible.

Given that the prototype has the older cab design, it could be a thorough refresh of the current Tundra. Naturally, it could also be an early prototype, and the production truck will be all-new.

It makes sense that the front and the rear are covered in camouflage. It’s hiding a new design. The horizontal element inside the front grille looks like the “TOYOTA” design on the 2019 Tundra TRD Pro.

However, the most interesting part is obscured rear suspension. What is Toyota hiding here? It could be an updated suspension design or some other components like a battery pack for a hybrid model. The prototype is showing an exhaust pipe, so it’s unlikely to be a hydrogen fuel-cell or an all-electric version.

The barely visible suspension components do not look like an independent rear suspension setup. However, it could be a new setup that includes air suspension.

We do not yet have an official word about what engine options or updates Toyota is considering for under the hood.

In any case, we are looking forward to learning many more details about the upcoming new Toyota Tundra.

Photos: Brian Williams

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