The 2019 Ford Van with a Small Diesel and at Least 30 MPG Gets Closer to Launch

2019 ford Transit Connect diesel
Ford van – 2019 Transit Connect [Photo: Ford]

We know that the 2019 Ford Transit Connect turbo-diesel is coming in the Spring of 2019, and now – Ford dealership training for the new 1.5L diesel has reportedly become available, according to our dealership contact.

The 2019 Transit Connect with a 2.0 gasoline engine is already available and starts at $24,100 for the base cargo van (before destination charges). The 1.5L turbo-diesel that Ford labels “EcoBlue” will be an optional engine, and Ford says it should get an EPA highway rating of at least 30 MPG.

We don’t have final power specification for the little from Ford yet, but a very similar engine is already available in other countries and can produce approximately 118 hp and 200 lb-ft of torque.

Ford lists the base curb weight for a 1.5L diesel-powered Transit Connect passenger van at 4,168 lbs, which is approximately 140 lbs heavier than a comparably equipped gas-powered van.

The EcoBlue diesel engine is expected to rely on a DEF (Diesel Exhaust Fluid) treatment system to meet all latest emissions standards. Diesel engine pricing is not yet available.

Do you think this 1.5L turbo-diesel I4 will be successful for consumer, business fleet applications, or both?