2019 Dakar Rally: Russia and Netherlands Are Big Players in Giant Trucks

It’s always an exciting time when the annual 2019 Dakar rally kicks off. It’s a time when we can all get together and watch 10-ton trucks fly through the air during this grueling marathon off-road rally. The 2019 Dakar race is run solely in Peru over a total of 3,500 miles and 11 days.

2019 dakar race trucks iveco maz kamaz
(photo: 2019 Dakar)

The 2019 Dakar rally kicks off today and run until January 17, 2019.

This year’s classic heavy truck battle is again between the Kamaz team from Russia, and the Iveco team from the Netherlands. Eduard Nicolaev is heading the Russian team of four racing trucks. While Gerard De Rooy is returning in search of another win in an Iveco.

2019 Dakar (Kamaz team)

Naturally, it’s more than just this teams. There are 41 competitor trucks in total. Belarus is looking for another great result in the Maz trucks with Siarhei Viazovich leading the pack.

2019 Dakar (Iveco truck)

Other trucks in the running include Tatra, Hino, MAN, and others. We will provide regular updates with the race results.

2019 Dakar – Maz trucks

If you are interested in giant 4×4 trucks, how about this one from ETL Overland that is also a comfortable house?

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