Toyota Tacoma, Land Cruiser and Lexus 570 Recalled Over Two Separate Issues

Toyota has issued a recall for its midsize pickup along with some big SUVs.

The 2018-2019 Toyota Tacoma, 2008-2019 Land Cruiser, and 2008-2019 Lexus LX570 are all being brought back in, though the reasons are different.

About 44,000 Tacomas are being brought back in over a seal in the brake master cylinder that can become damaged leading to an internal brake fluid leak. This will directly affect braking performance, increasing the risk of collision.

To fix the issue, Toyota dealers will replace the entire brake master cylinder in affected vehicles. Owners will be notified starting in late January of 2019.

The Land Cruiser and LX570 are being called back for the same issue, affecting a total of about 89,700 vehicles. The issue is with seatbelt tension sensors that can malfunction and lead to the passenger-side airbags being deactivated.

A fix for this issue hasn’t been decided on yet, with Toyota saying that it is working on a fix and will notify owners by mid-February 2019.

You can contact Toyota customer support by calling 1.800.331.4331 or the Lexus support at 1.800.255.3987.