Three New Off-Road Trucks – One Epic Moab Review: 2019 Chevy Trailboss, Ford Raptor, and Ram Rebel

2019 chevy silverado trailboss ford raptor f150 ram rebel 1500 moab off-road review
2019 Chevy Trailboss vs 2019 Ford Raptor vs 2019 Ram Rebel

What is the best off-road half-ton truck for 2019? We took these three new off-road trucks to Moab, Utah to find out. They are the all new 2019 Chevy Silverado 1500 Trail Boss crew cab, updated 2019 Ford Raptor, and an all-new 2019 Ram Rebel.

How big are these new 4×4 trucks getting? Here is a quick look at the dimensions. It’s interesting that the Silverado has the longest wheelbase, but the shortest overall length among these crew cab trucks.

Chevy Trail Boss Ford Raptor Ram Rebel
Wheelbase: 147.5 in 146.0 in 144.6 in
Overall Length: 231.7 in 231.9 in 241.8 in
Overall Width: 81.2 in 86.3 in 82.1 in


How the off-road specs: ground clearance, approach/departure angles, and tires? The Ford Raptor has the best listed ground clearance and approach angle. The Trail Boss has the best departure angle.

Trail Boss Raptor Rebel
Ground Clearance: 10.88 in 11.5 in 10.2 – 10.7 in
Approach/Breakover/Departure: 28.7/na/27.2 deg 30.2/21.8/23.0 deg 23.1/20.1-22.1/27.1 deg
Tires: Goodyear Duratrac 32in BFG KO2  35 in Goodyear Duratrac 33 in


What’s powering these off-road trucks? Each bring their own powertrain prowess to the table. The Silverado has a V8 with their latest fuel management system (DFM). The Raptor uses a high-output twin-turbo V6 engine, and the Ram features the V8 with a mild-hybrid assist system.

Trail Boss Raptor Rebel
Engine: 5.3L V8: 355 hp / 383 lb-ft 3.5L TT V6: 450 hp / 510 lb-ft 5.7L V8 eT: 395 hp / 410 lb-ft
Transmission: 8-sp auto 10-sp auto 8-sp auto
Fuel Tank: 24 gal 36 gal 23 – 33 gal

After an entire day of testing the three trucks on the Baby Lion’s Back and Fins & Things trails, we saw strengths and weaknesses of each truck.

The new Ford Raptor has all the hardware to tackle the relatively wide trails of Moab. This truck is still in a class of its own. The MSRP of the truck you see here is just over $74,000. The Raptor simply devoured the higher speed sections and showed fine prowess with rock crawling. It never really slid or spun a tire all day, although the departure angle was a bit lacking.

The $57,000 Chevy Silverado Trail Boss edged out the $59,000 Ram Rebel just by a hair on these Moab trails. The slightly higher clearance and approach angle helped the truck clear more obstacles.  Still, the Rebel is more comfortable than the Chevy and has more off-road and luxurious features. The Rebel offers a selectable rear axle locker, while the Trail Boss relies on a G80 limited slip locking axle.

Join the off-road fun in the video below.