What’s This? Porsche GT Vision Truck Concept Is About Big Rims and Big Wings

The Porsche GT Vision Truck concept is the brainchild of renowned designer/illustrator Alex Baldini Imnadze. Interestingly, Imnadze imagined that this truck would haul his Porsche 906/917 concept racer to the track. While the look is aggressive and futuristic, it’s not completely non-feasible. Looking at vehicles from Tesla and Nikola (among others) the Porsche GT Vision Truck concept looks somewhat possible – massive wheels and ride height aside.

While there are no details, about anything, there may be a clue as to what type of power plant Imnadze imagines powering the concept. If you look at the side of the truck, you’ll see “Porsche Intelligent Performance.” That’s a direct connection to Porsche’s hybrid power plant. Not to mention the Porsche 906/917 concept he penned is a hybrid as well.

Adding to the intrigue is the actual trailer itself, because it has a massive wing on it. It’s huge. While it’s not unusual for a trailer to have aerodynamic components to redirect airflow, that massive wing looks a bit…optimistic. Then again, it may serve another purpose I am unaware of.

Chime in folks! Tell us what you think of this slick looking, Blade-Runner-ish-looking tractor/trailer combo!

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