New 2019 Ram HD in Alaska: How Far do Manufacturers Go To Test the New Trucks?

How far do manufacturers go to test their next generation trucks? Hunter sends us this image of a 2019 Ram HD crew cab long bed prototype driving around Fairbanks, Alaska.

Here is another new 2019 Ram HD prototype truck (perhaps a new luxurious Limited trim) caught testing in Michigan. This image was sent in by Carl C.

It takes many months, usually around 2-4 years to develop and validate a new truck. It starts with sketches, computer modeling, and continues to actual models, prototypes, driving prototypes, and real world testing.

These trucks are tested in the wind tunnel and in labs with very cold and hot temperatures. However, nothing beats actually driving the truck in the real world from Michigan to Fairbanks, from Colorado to Arizona, Texas to Florida, and beyond.

The new 2019 Ram HD truck make their official debut on Jan 14, 2019 at the Detroit Auto Show (NAIAS). This is when we will learn more specifications and information about the new trucks.

Here is a close look at the new 2019 Ram Power Wagon prototype.