Is a New Compact Unibody Chevy Pickup on the Way?

Will it come to the US? Probably not...

According to GM Authority, GM is working on an all-new compact unibody pickup truck to replace the Latin-American Chevy Montana. Though, the new model is set to be an indirect replacement for the Montana, meaning it will very slightly in size.

The Current Model Chevy Montana

What we know so far

We do not have a ton of details about this compact pickup just yet. However, we think it will be a unibody construction. GM Authority claims the small pickup will be based on GM’s new Global Emerging Markets architecture, or GEM platform.

Furthermore, the compact pickup could use the base engine from the Chevy Cruze. That is a turbocharged 1.4L four-cylinder that makes 153 horsepower and 177 lb-ft of torque.

GM Authority claims that much of the research and development for this pickup is being done in Brazil. As such, Brazil seems like a likely place for the compact pickup to be built, given GM has a manufacturing plant there.

The Current Model Chevy Montana

Not coming to the US…

Sadly, the current consensus is that GM will not be bringing their compact pickup to the United States. At least, not right away. There is a chance that GM reconsiders this move. Given ever stricter emissions standards and the rise in demand for smaller, utilitarian vehicles, a compact pickup could make a big splash here in the US. We know that Ford is working on the next compact unibody truck as well.

Regardless of where they sell it, we think this compact pickup will go on sale sometime around 2020, though it’ll probably just be sold in South and Central America initially.

We hope to learn more information about this compact pickup in the near future. Stay tuned to for more info and the latest news, views & real-world reviews.

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