How Would You Configure a 2019 International CV or Silverado HD 5500? (Configurator)


If you’ve ever dreamed of owning your own big rig, this configurator might just be enough to sate your appetite for big trucks. 

The International CV is a class 4/5 truck that can haul a lot of junk, and a new configurator has launched for the truck, allowing us to dream about which model we’d take home.

Here is the International CV online configurator.

2019 International CV

Powering the CV is a 6.6-liter International/Duramax V8 turbo-diesel engine that makes 350 hp at 2700 RPM and 700 lb-ft of torque. Air suspension, a forward tilting hood, and an automotive-style interior are just a few of the key features of the new CV. Now besides the powerplant, many of the options are customizable, so lets go through the configurator and build the least expensive, most expensive, and the CV that I would buy if I could.

First off, the cheap end of things. The CV is ready to be up-fit for a whatever task you may need it for, but that means that the cheapest version of this truck is simply a cab on a rolling chassis. You can get a crew cab or a regular cab, of course this model is just a regular cab, and it’s fitted with two-wheel drive, a single fuel tank, no fog lights and painted aluminum wheels.

All told, this is the cheapest CV out there, the only issue is….we don’t know how much it costs. International doesn’t include pricing in its configurator, so we’re running a little blind on the price.

Moving on, we went through the build process and loaded this truck up with all the options. Things like twin fuel tanks, four-wheel drive, fog lamps, polished aluminum wheels, and an entire rear setup to make this truck into an ambulance. There is already upfitter packages to make the CV into a flat bed, a dump truck, a tow truck, an ambulance and more, but we went with ambulance assuming it would be the most expensive up-fit package.

And finally, the CV that we would buy and daily drive is right here. Looking inside the CV for a moment, the collaboration on this truck between GM and International is obvious, considering the entire cab looks like it is straight out of a Silverado HD. Though that’s not a bad thing, as for a commercial truck, the interior here looks quite nice.

Now, what would I buy? Well it would have to be four-wheel drive, but I would delete all the unnecessary chrome. And seeing as I only want this truck to cruise around in, I would get it with the stake post flat bed on it, because it’s the most usable configuration day-to-day. When the front end if blacked out on this CV, this truck looks tough.

Here is a look at the 2019 Chevy Silverado HD 4500, 5500, and 6500 at their debut this year.